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I am excited to be a guest on 3 podcasts today! chronic illness chronic migraine chronic pain eating disorders healthcareprofessionals mental health migraine parenting parents psychologist Jun 03, 2022

I am excited to be a guest on 3 podcasts today covering:

Eating disorder myths (for now, check out my program, The Ultimate Eating Disorders Bootcamp for Parents https://www.phoenixrisingwithdrg.com/opt-in)
How we feel when medications fail us
What to do when we are stuck in bed with pain


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'I'm an Eating Disorder Psychologist—These Are My 4 Tips to Help Parents' eating disorders parenting parents psychologist Mar 19, 2022

Dr. Melissa Geraghty
On 3/19/22 at 4:00 AM EDT

When a parent is faced with their child having an eating disorder, it is an overwhelming time. It doesn't matter if their child is an adolescent or young adult, the world of eating disorders can seem foreign and unknown.

An eating disorder impacts...

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TODAY IS THE DAY! eating disorders mental health parents psychologist Feb 01, 2022



After 6 months in the making, I’m proud to launch a revolutionary online program:

The Ultimate Eating Disorders Bootcamp for Parents.

Parents– It’s time to take action. Eating disorders wait for no one. Oftentimes an eating disorder diagnosis is...

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