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Dr. Melissa Geraghty, Psy.D. Clinical Health Psychologist CEO of Phoenix Rising with Dr. G Keynote & International speaker Medical Gaslighting Sensitivity Trainer Mental Health Consultant
Dr. Melissa Geraghty, Psy.D. is a Licensed Clinical Health Psychologist and CEO of Phoenix Rising with Dr. G. She is also a Stanford Trained Empowered Relief Instructor™, Medical Gaslighting Sensitivity Trainer, and a Mental Health Consultant. She has well over a decade of experience fostering the mental health, self-management, and perseverance of patients and their families. She specializes in chronic pain, complex medical, and eating disorders. Dr. Geraghty has received recognition for her clinical excellence and patient advocacy as a Keynote and International Speaker. She continually inspires others with her resilience and grit as a chronic pain and rare disease patient.
Dr. Geraghty has been featured or quoted in: newsweek, painweek, forbes, CHAMP, KevinMD, Oprah Daily, US Pain, Retreat Migraine, National Headache Foundation, Instyle, Association for Migraine Disorders, ANAD, MIC, Wellness House, MPA, PainEDU, Inspire, iPain, Brain & Life
Speaker Evaluations: Several people were talking about how useful the information is going to be as we were walking out. It was a really well done presentation!  I found this presentation on medical gaslighting to be very helpful. I encountered gaslighting at work last week and again this week. It is stressful and quite painful emotionally. Glad I now have some resources. Great presentation. Loved having practical responses to use with patients and staff. Would love to have Dr. Geraghty be involved at our hospital. The need is here. Melissa was a really great speaker and it was nice to get a variety of information that can be used with nearly any type of patient as well as myself. Thanks for the continued education! Excellent presentation and speaker. Helpful information and good use of examples. She did not just read slides to the audience (that is so boring!). Melissa gave the information in an informative manner and held the attention of the audience.  Provided helpful information for both staff and patients. Beneficial to all! Excellent presentation. Great, articulate speaker. Would love to see Dr. Geraghty work with our staff in the future. Would love to see Dr. G’s methods integrated into our surgical department. Melissa has an excellent presence. Wonderful presentation skills and connection with the audience.  Dr. G had excellent points and powerful insights. She spoke to us, not at us. Awesome to hear from a professional and personal perspective all in one package. Dr. Geraghty brought a more personal touch then it just being facts from the training like with other speakers. I enjoyed Dr. G’s talk because I felt like I could really relate to the situations she described and feel more prepared going forward. Dr. Geraghty’s presentation resonated with me so much. I look forward to incorporating some of the skills she discussed. Extremely informative and very interesting! Great presenter.
Phoenix Rising with Dr. G’s mission is to empower you to rise from the ashes through engaging educational programs, speaking engagements, and mental health support. You do not have to walk this path alone. Together we are Phoenix Fierce.

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