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Important information to read before contacting Dr. Geraghty
Dr. Geraghty is no longer accepting patients. There are a number of options you can utilize in searching for a pain psychologist (Psy.D., Ph.D.):
  1. You can contact your state's psychological association or and have them assist you in finding a pain psychologist.

  2. You can also contact your health insurance provider and ask for a list of covered pain psychologists or clinical health psychologists.

  3. You can Google. The proper title can vary so you should search under: Clinical Health Psychologist, Rehabilitation Psychologist, Pain Psychologist. Many are affiliated with pain clinics or hospitals, and some work in a private practice setting. Some psychologists also offer Telehealth services for people located out of state. Since pain psychologists can be difficult to find, seeing a pain psychologist who can legally see you out of state via telehealth is a great option. Many psychologists will list on their website which states they can see patients in. Note: You may also explore the services of master's level mental health professionals (LCPC, LCSW, etc.). While their graduate school training may not be specifically focused on chronic pain, some of these mental health professionals have gained knowledge in this area through clinical experience and ongoing continuing education.

  1. You can search the following websites for a pain psychologist or counselor. On Psychology Today you can even narrow the search to look for someone who specifically says they specialize in chronic pain or chronic illness. However, just because someone says they specialize in pain doesn't mean they truly do. I always recommend people connect with a few therapists via email or phone first to see if they are a good fit. Sometimes people meet with multiple therapists in person for a session to see if they are a good fit and that is also appropriate.

  1. Here is an article you may find to be beneficial on what pain psychologists do:

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