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Podcast Guest of Heads UP: "Stuck in Bed."" chronic pain chronicillness chronicmigraine mentalhealth migraine Aug 05, 2022

I spoke with Dr. Lindsay Burgarello Weitzel of the Heads Up Podcast on the very important topic of what to do with our thoughts when we are stuck in bed with migraine.


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Podcast Guest of Heads UP: "Medical Gaslighting - It's not in your head!" chronicmigraine headache healthcare medicalgaslighting mentalhealth podcast psychologist Jun 07, 2022

National Headache Foundation

Heads UP - Episode 123: Medical Gaslighting

"What is Medical Gaslighting? If you have migraine or another chronic pain condition, chances are you have experienced medical gaslighting. Medical gaslighting can result in a form of medical trauma, and it can alter the...

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