Navigating eating disorder treatment for your teen or young adult can be overwhelming. If you are not properly informed... Your teen or young adult may feel that you don't understand and shut you out. You may say or do things that negatively impact their treatment. You can unintentionally put them in harms way as all eating disorders have the potential to be deadly.
How does The Ultimate Eating Disorders Bootcamp for Parents help you to better support your teen or young adult? You will be provided crucial information, most of which you cannot simply obtain by visiting an eating disorder organization website.            → The Basics.             → Popular Myths Debunked.             → Treatment: Know Your Options, Manage Your Expectations.              → The Big 3 Trap: Food, Body Image, & Exercise, Oh My!             → Support & Reflection.             → Resources and Printouts.
Client Review.
Client review.
 “Dr. G--You know how grateful we are for you. If it was not for you, my daughter would not be where she is today. When I found you, I realized that the family matters so much in eating disorder recovery. You made our daughter realize that it was ok to talk about her eating disorder, to share with us, and we learned from you how to provide the support she needed at home.


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