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Waiting room etiquette.

chronic illness chronic pain mental health rare disease Mar 03, 2023

Get ready for a giant post on waiting room etiquette!

I've had many medical appts this past month. Here's what not to do in the waiting room.

1. Leave your sh*t at the door. No one wants to hear you arguing as a couple. We are not an audience on The Jerry Springer Show.

2. Use your inside voice. This one's for the men. No one wants to hear your very loud conversation about how busy and successful you are, sir.

3. Finish your cell convo before you enter the waiting room instead of going up to the reception desk with your ear piece in talking to both the receptionist and the person on your phone at the same time. It's rude, yo.

4. Under no circumstances have your phone be on anything but vibrate. There are some really sick people in these waiting rooms and people who have sound sensitivities. We don't want to hear the annoying sounds of the game you are playing on the loudest setting possible. We also don't want to hear the basketball game you are watching, the race car event you are watching, or the latest music you are listening to. Often there is already music or TV in these waiting rooms so there are a bunch of competing sounds and frankly it's a nightmare for many.

5. Don't have private conversations about C. Diff and poop loudly on the phone. Glad to know you were exposed to C. Diff and are now right here (This person was not the patient but was married to loud cell phone guy. See #4.).

6. If someone is masked (me) and you are not and it's a big waiting room that's not crowded, don't f'n sit next to them! I will not hesitate to give you the look. ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ‘€

To conclude, try to suck less people.

(Content brought to you by a very exhausted Melissa that has been in more severe pain than usual for a month and is tired of peoples sh*t.)

๐Ÿ‘‡๐ŸปFeel free to add your own waiting room etiquette tips below.

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