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Raising funds for the EDS Society!

chronic illness chronic pain eds Jan 31, 2023
Alt Image text: MacKenzie Strong. Close-up picture of a young woman looking off into the distance, wearing a hat.


I have known MacKenzie for many years as we are both part of the (very) complex medical patient community. She is a wonderful young woman with a heart of gold.

This year, MacKenzie is running a fundraiser to support people like her with EDS. MacKenzie and one of her best friends designed a fabulous shirt for this fundraiser--I already purchased it!

Please take some time to read why MacKenzie is raising awareness:

"Hi! If you don't know me, I am MacKenzie and I have multiple chronic illnesses. Chronic illnesses play a huge factor in my life more than people realize cause they see the smile on my face. One of my main chronic illnesses is called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. This effects all my connective tissue in my body and much more, I am raising money for the EDS Society to hopefully one day there is more help for so many of us dealing with EDS. I appreciate anyone who would like to help. It means more than you will ever know. I want to give credit to one of my best friends Nicole. We created this design to help spread awareness. You will see in this awareness ribbon there are multiple other awareness ribbons inside. Each one symbolizes one of my diagnosis. And still many other things that we are searching for answers. If you do want to help, make sure to send pics of spreading awareness! Even sharing it would so helpful too!"

You can support The EDS Society by ordering a shirt! Thanks for your support!

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