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Podcast Guest of KevinMD: "Eating disorder myths debunked"

eating disorders healthcare medicalgaslighting mental health Jun 14, 2022

“When people think of eating disorders, the image is often of an emaciated, white teenage girl in the hospital hooked up to feeding tubes. In fact, eating disorders are varied in how they present in a person, and they certainly do not ‘look’ a certain way.

Eating disorders occur in all cultures, ethnicities, age groups, genders, and socioeconomic groups. Eating disorders do not discriminate.

So, no, eating disorders do not ‘look’ a certain way, and you cannot tell by looking at a person if they for sure have an eating disorder.”

For more information on how I can help parents who have an adolescent or young adult with an eating disorder, visit my FREE webinar on The Ultimate Eating Disorders Bootcamp for parents. 

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