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Listening to your body with chronic illness isn't straight forward.

chronic illness chronic pain rare disease Sep 20, 2022

The interesting thing about listening to your body with chronic illness is sometimes it's:

"I acknowledge you and will make some needed accommodations in this moment, AND I'm going to keep pushing because this event/work is important/worth it."

If I always listened to what my body wanted, I would NEVER get up from laying down. Ever.

Having chronic illness is a continual weighing of your options. It's not always knowing when a flare will come. It's being able to do a thing one day but not the next. It's being frustrated that your body can't keep up with your ambitions. All while outsiders who have no true knowledge of your inner workings may judge you.

You are the only one who can decide when to push and when to pull back. Sometimes we overextend ourselves and sometimes we could have pushed ourselves a little more. We learn. We live. We continue on. 

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