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Event: Empowered Relief™ (09.26.22)

chronic pain chronicillness empowered relief mental health psychologist rare disease Sep 09, 2022

Event: Empowered Relief™

Where: Zoom

When: 09.26.22 at 1pm Central Time



Empowered Relief™ is an evidence-based, single-session pain class that rapidly equips patients with pain management skills. It was developed at Stanford University.

Here's how you will benefit:

  1. You will learn about the science of pain and what you can do to help yourself.
  2. You will gain skills you can use right away.
  3. You will receive a free binaural relaxation audiofile.
  4. You will create a personal plan.  


  • Empowered Relief™ should not replace a medical evaluation.
  • Empowered Relief™ is educational and informational and does not represent medical treatment.
  • Empowered Relief™ is interactive and includes participant Q&A.
  • Empowered Relief™ is an educational class and attendance does NOT establish a therapist-patient relationship with the instructor.

© Stanford University

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