Rise From the Ashes by Elevating Your Mental Health. Our mission is to empower you to rise from the ashes through engaging educational programs, speaking engagements, and mental health support. You do not have to walk this path alone. Image of Dr. G in a black dress with a gray and black blazer. Bright red jewelry.
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Dr. Geraghty has been featured or quoted in… Newsweek InStyle Inspire Current Pain and Headache Reports (Springer) Forbes Oprah Daily PAINweek PainEDU.org Pain News Network The American Academy of Pain Medicine U.S. Pain Foundation CHAMP RetreatMigraine The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD) INvisible Project ‪International Pain Foundation (iPain)‬ ‬‬ Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy Association of Migraine Disorders Wellness House Edward Hospital Montana Pain Conference Midwest Pain Society
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"Dr. Geraghty played a significant role in my son's ability to thrive. She quickly connected with him, empowered him with tools, and prepared me as a parent to support him in meaningful ways. Her approach was holistic, practical, and provided with great care."

"Dr. G--You know how grateful we are for you. If it was not for you, my daughter would not be where she is today. When I found you, I realized that the family matters so much in eating disorder recovery. You made our daughter realize that it was ok to talk about her eating disorder, to share with us, and we learned from you how to provide the support she needed at home."

“Dr. G saved my daughters life. Her kind and blunt ways were just what my daughter needed. My daughter totally trusted her with her life and Dr. G made her see she is so much more than her eating disorder.”

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