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Dr. Melissa Geraghty, Psy.D.:

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It's no secret that mindfulness can change lives.

Mindfulness is about learning how to lean into the moment, no matter what is going on.

Mindfulness means paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, and without judgment.

Mindfulness is about participating in life and not watching life pass you by.

Mindfulness is NOT:

⚬ A band-aid fix

⚬ A cure-all

⚬ Does not always result in relaxation or your mind going blank

⚬ Psycho-babble hippie stuff

When given the time and space to practice, mindfulness allows you to become more attune with your wants, needs, and desires. It allows you to be better equipped to handle difficult situations and anything life throws at you.

Allow Dr. Geraghty to be your guide in experiencing the benefits of true mindfulness.

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