BioNan-X CBD: Pain Relief that You Can Trust.

Introducing BioNan-X™ Nano-Amplified CBD – developed by medical device professionals exclusively for healthcare providers. You can't get this in the stores!

With BioNan-X, we’ve combined the power of THC-free hemp extract with nanotechnology for faster, more effective pain relief. So you end up needing less product, costing you less.

Our proprietary technology breaks down CBD into nano-sized particles. This increases the absorption rate by 10 times, so less CBD is needed to have the same effect as conventional CBD. This also minimizes the risk of CBD interacting with a patient’s existing medications.

BioNan-X further guarantees exceptional product quality validated by third-party testing to ensure all products are free of THC, pesticides, and contaminants.


Cool Relief
Transdermal Cream

For localized relief, BioNan-X Cool Relief Transdermal Cream is enriched with nano-amplified CBD and a unique blend of menthol, arnica, and lavender.



Serenity Nano Drops

Unlike oil-based CBD products, our Serenity Nano Drops formulation is water-soluble, which enables CBD to bypass your digestive processes and help prevent gastrointestinal side effects and potential drug interactions.


Nano CBD Relief Patch

Continual Release: Formulated for long-lasting effects
Targeted Relief: Alleviate discomfort at the source
Fragrance-Free: Formulated to be gentle on the skin

You’re just a few steps away from living with less pain.

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